What is Teal?

Frederic Laloux wrote a book about Teal as one of the 5 human cooperation forms existing today that evolved during history. Why is there a need to write a book about this approach? Because teal organizations know the answer to how we can establish successful for and non-profit organizations, schools and hospitals by the power of community and the flourishment of human potential in a world of unexpected turn of events. The foundation for teal is rooted in the belief in people, as Koldo Xaratsaga, Basque organizational developer said:

“People are responsible, intelligent and their basic nature is being motivated.”

And if people can work in self-organizing teams, if they can be present at their workplaces as themselves, not only as rational and result-oriented employees, then they are capable to reach results beyond expectations. Rutger Bregman calls teal „new realism”, he compares it to enlightenment, calls it the revolution of the mind. But this is a revolution where the true human nature, the reality of goodness determines the operation of those organizations who recognize these aspects.

Teal organizations are very intelligent, as a living organism they walk on the evolutionary path and they have an internal sense of what this path truly is. This peculiar sense of direction is realized by the perception and ideas of the individuals and it only becomes visible when the organization is capable to listen and hear many of these voices. This is the amazing realization of collective intelligence. This operation was able to turn organizations from the verge of bankruptcy into two-digit growth in the long run. These organizations besides their outstanding monetary results, are the most customer-oriented, it is good to work within them. They also function as development areas as well.


This unbelievable efficacy has a price: the elimination of injustice and privileges, radical transparency, the conversion of leadership roles, commitment to the responsibility that comes with freedom, conflict management, regular peer-to-peer feedback, honesty, and courage.

Those who work at such organizations say it is worth it. We deeply agree with that.

Our Teal Services

Teal corporations are self-organization-based, people-centered, customer-oriented organizations. We can be partners to organizations, teams, and individuals committed to this approach in the following way:

  • Teal mentoring
  • Consultation
  • Organizational Development
  • Teal presentations
  • Workshops
  • Leadership support
  • System constellation

All of our teal work is based on total involvement, transparency, trust, responsible freedom, long-term thinking, generosity, and commitment.

Reinventing Organizations

Frederic Laloux summarized the basics of teal in his book Reinventing Organizations. As the exclusive publishers of the Hungarian versions, we are proud to distribute the second edition with growing interest, and that we are now publishing the illustrated version in Hungarian as well.

Reinventing Organizations showcases those practices and operations through the examples of successful international companies that focus on the individual, the team, and organizational development. In these organizations, the energy is not withdrawn by corporate policies, fear, and distrust.

Laloux shows us how to build organizations where success and development are rooted in trust-based cooperation.