System constellation, organization constellation is based on family constellation already known and experienced by many. We can explore dynamics and information, opportunities, obstacles that are otherwise difficult to find. The system constellation itself can already support the solution, even in conflict situations and decisions.

How does this work?

This is a group method in which you, dear Pioneer, will be the protagonist. A group helps in showing the dynamics of your situation or problem by taking on a role, showing qualities and obstacles. We play a so-called hidden game in this case, only you and our constellation colleague know who is in what role. This way, sensitive information is protected.

Here’s an example: A Pioneer had to choose between several job opportunities, but the logical approach didn’t help. So our colleagues displayed the different possibilities, someone took on the role of the Pioneer as well, and they did and said what they felt they needed to do. It is very important that this is an intuitive job, not a role play! The constellation nicely set out which job would be closest to the Pioneer, and a week later he called us tell: he got the job, with a very good offer. He made a good decision.

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