Team-level self-organization is the foundation for the corporate self-organizational operation. It can be implemented as part of the organizational operation process or individually as well, on the level of a few teams.

Within self-organizing teams, people are more motivated, more efficient and they are less likely to get exhausted and experience burn-out. The reason for this is that they achieve operations that are the closest to general social needs.

What are these basic operations?

Overlapping roles, creating common competencies
Transparent distribution of tasks
Transparent information sharing
Positive outcome game within the team
Peer feedback
Short-term team-level work planning
Measuring and monitoring of the measurable work elements
Practices supporting connections
Conflict management protocol
Decision techniques

Within self-organizing teams, people experience that they are more informed, they have bigger freedom in decision making, they can take responsibility, their work is more meaningful and is a source of joy. There are fewer conflicts and complaints while having more ideas, suggestions and results.

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