We see that there is a need for consultation services – in a good sense. The client has the most freedom in this scenario: stepping into the situations, getting the work done – and asking for munition, help for the preparation, implementation, reflection.

Consultation is a flexible and cost-efficient solution for those teams and organizations where there is a basic level of self-organization, self-management, and where people prefer to work with their own changes and processes.

Consultation for Organizations

Organizations search for a supporting consultant for specific development processes, someone who doesn’t steal the show but gives sensible advice while helping the organization to follow through with its change processes safely.

Our unique solution: We connect the organization with other companies who are dealing with similar processes and professional questions. There has already been an example where a big bank helped another big bank – which means that these organizations managed to have a conversation within their industry, setting aside competition.

Consultation for Leaders

There are situations and moments in the life of every leader when the presence of a reliable, committed yet objective partner comes in handy. Someone, with whom they can think out loud, someone who can be an advisor both professionally and personally.

This service differs from coaching in a way that it focuses on tasks and talking through decisions. Sometimes it is a rapid meeting, a quick asking for advice, information gathering, asking about best practices, asking about examples of how certain processes are implemented elsewhere. There are situations when we support decision-making by system constellation as well.

Consultation for Teams

Typically, we work together with teams during bigger organizational development projects, but from time to time teams turn to us regardless of development processes. The essence in these situations is the same: the teams are not required to build a process with us; they can call us to meetings in an ad hoc manner; a team member is welcome to contact us with questions or if they feel the need, we are happy to facilitate their meetings.

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