We have been using gamification since 2013 and we love it. We have worked on various gamification projects throughout the years: we developed training follow-up and organizational culture change supporting games and we also use it in community development to strengthen intrapersonal connections and to support self-management. 

The efficacy of gamification is based on developmental learning, it affects basic human emotions, and a well-built gamified business or marketing strategy keeps the user in a constant flow and maintains their long-term interest. By keeping the users in this joyful and curious state, the commitment and intrinsic motivation can flourish within the community.

All of our gamification processes are people-centered regardless of them being a gamified training follow-up, a community-building project or e-learning. We always build our gamified processes based on user needs and we co-create them together with our customers using the basic and extensive tool-set of gamification.

The 3 main pillars of gamification


  • Performance
  • Progress
  • Goal setting

Creating an opportunity for users to go through the process of growth and progress along with clear goals through the completion of gamified tasks. This way the process will be perceived as joyful and successful while deepening their knowledge by developmental learning.


  • Co-operation
  • Self-expression
  • Belonging

It is essential to give space for users to create, express their opinions and resolve tasks together as a team. These are the basic conditions to transcend them from a passive execution role into an ownership approach where they are encouraged to take responsibilities and are capable of self-management.


  • Competition
  • Recognition
  • Status

Everyone likes a good competition; people either like to exceed their own performance or they like to win against others in games. In either case, it is very easy to build upon this particular behavioral element using levels, badges, ranks, leaderboards and other rewards to strengthen the users’ loyalty toward the project or the platform as well. If we complement the gamified framework with exciting tasks, meaningful goals and useable e-learning materials, we can ensure user interest on a long-term basis.

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