What does the word community mean?

The human community is a group of people larger than families who maintain close social ties. These people volunteer to help and support each other without hoping for something in return. Such communities are increasingly present in the online space as well.

Our goal is to work with our customers and together co-create an online space of trust where users, as members of the community, can create, learn and help each other in responsible freedom and work together for the common purpose of the community. A well-functioning community, whether offline or online, can do anything!


In the offline world, we connect in many, almost imperceptible ways; even our mere presence makes our communication much more intense. In the online world, unfortunately, we are losing this connection, which consists of small nuances and helps to connect, so it is very important to fill this gap with the right tools, creating an online space where strong connections can be made.

Being human-centered is very important for us in the online world as well, so in our community building projects, our basic principle is to involve community members in all questions, development and change processes that affect them. In this way, we can ensure that we create a lovable, active and meaningful online space for both the client and the members of the community they have created.

Main tools of our community building

Gamification – motivational toolbar

Gamification is a tool for building online communities and can also support the development of existing communities. Incorporating community-tailored, well-chosen player / motivational tools can measurably increase engagement and activity within the community.



Creating members ’commitment to the community begins with good communication, which we develop through communication counselling. We can create and maintain a well-functioning, active community by speaking to people in the language of community members and involving them in the project processes and listening to their needs, requests and suggestions.

Our online community development process

Platform analysis

  • In case of an existing online platform, its complete analysis (communication, visual, web development), advice on the necessary modifications.
  • Complete platform building consultancy when creating a new community.


  • Assess user needs, involve community members by creating action groups.

Gamification consulting

  • According to user needs, community-tailored gaming that increases users’ will for activity and commitment to the community.

Communication consulting

  • Advice according to the client’s needs, which may include the creation and implementation of a complete social communication strategy (wording suggestions, social media presence, etc.)

Project planning

  • Creating a complete project plan tailored to the needs of the client and community members, ongoing communication and consulting.


  • Detailed creation of the final plan, implementation if required.


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